It’s October and with the seasons changing there is also a lot of changes coming in my life – my eldest son is a senior this year and so the college applications and visits are upon us. I am also launching some new events and growing my business to the next level.

The net result of all this is more to do. More on my lists every day, less down time, more stress and within 3 weeks it all caught up with me. I was constantly tired, despite getting plenty of sleep. I was breaking out in pain, aches, zits and even a blister! It was that one that really got my attention.

Thankfully, I was able to recognize the red flags and realize I had fallen back into my old habit of making it all happen. Doing, doing, doing, Reacting to events rather than taking a breather and responding. My way of doing, doing, doing, is a very human reaction to life. However, it is not congruent with what I truly want- to align myself with God’s purpose for me here on Earth.

In order to align myself I need to spend time with God, to listen to His guidance and then act upon it. I can’t do that when I am exhausted, preoccupied and run down from doing everything I think is required. Recognizing what was happening gave me the courage to go into my “cave” for a few days. I only did what was absolutely required to be done in terms of my responsibilities to my family and clients.

The rest of my time was spent in Transformational Breath® sessions, prayer and meditation allowing me the space to receive guidance and act upon it. This gift, of taking the time to slow down and go inward, allowed me to move forward towards MY purpose with a renewed faith and trust that I was following my true path. Not what someone else would have me to. Or even what I think I should do to please the people around me.

Transformational Breath® is something that is part of my personal growth and spiritual development practice because it WORKS!. I want to share this with you so if any of my story resonates with you I invite you to give yourself this gift of Transformational Breath®. In as few as 3-5 sessions you will see amazing shifts and changes on your life and beliefs. AND after 5 sessions, you will be able to do a self- session at home for FREE any time you want. I am offering 10% discount on all private Transformational Breath® sessions this month to jump start you on your journey.

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